Christian Leadership

Lesson 1

Welcome to our study on Christian leadership- a fascinating, broad, and extremely important subject to study- especially in times such as these! Please take a few minutes to read through this before you begin.

Lesson 1 Homework Assignment
Lesson 2

Servant Leadership ~ The Willing Surrender

Lesson 2 Homework Assignment
Lesson 3

We have been studying Jesus’ radical definitions of greatness and leadership; observing His examples and Paul’s; and learning that leadership in the kingdom of God is a far different concept than that which is commonly practiced by men. According to Jesus, leadership is not about power and position, but about willingly choosing humility and lowliness, subservience and obedience.  

Lesson 3 Homework Assignment
Lesson 4

Isn’t it interesting that none of these words appeared: serve, service, or servant? And yet we have learned that service is how Jesus defines leadership!  

Lesson 4 Homework Assignment
Lesson 5

Throughout our study, we have discussed the importance of having a clear understanding of the definitions of words we encounter in Scripture. The translation from Hebrew or Greek to English is not an exact science! Often it may take a few, or sometimes many, English words to adequately portray the intended meaning of one Greek word. Sometimes there is one English word that is used to translate several different Greek words with varying shades of meaning. And we always need to remember that English is a living language, constantly in a flux; hence, the meanings of words can change radically over time.  

Lesson 5 Homework Assignment

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